Why is Natural Life the best in the bee health business?

Why is Natural Life the best in the bee health business?

Why is Natural Life the best in the bee health business?

We’re not just boasting – at Natural Life, we really have the experience, quality and expertise to give you the best bee products in Australia and the world. Here’s why…

Natural Life™ was founded in 1996 by Director and owner, Antony Adare. Way back then, bee health products weren’t well known in Australia, but seeing their popularity and therapeutic benefits overseas, Antony decided to bring bee health to Australia and began producing what is now one of the best quality bee health brands in the world – Natural Life™.

The quality of Natural Life™ bee health products is partly due to the stringent manufacturing requirements of the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration whose quality control practices are among the strictest in the world.

Our staff have input into every part of production, ensuring the quality and integrity of our products is maintained throughout. A commitment to sourcing the best raw ingredients and experienced suppliers adds to the value of the Natural Life™ range.

Natural Life™ has gone on to become one of Australia’s best known and loved bee health suppliers, with the largest range of Propolis products in Australia including propolis liquids, propolis capsules, propolis sprays, soaps and more. We stock both fresh and encapsulated Royal Jelly, as well as beautiful pure west Australian Bee Pollen and New Zealand Manuka Honey.

In Australia, Natural Life™ has an extensive network of retailers servicing a primarily Chinese, Japanese and Korean market who are culturally familiar with the health benefits of Propolis, Royal Jelly and Bee Pollen. As more Westerners recognise the health benefits of bee products, our local market is growing and changing.

Internationally, we sell Australian-Made Natural Life™ bee products to stockists in Iran, Oman, the UAE, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Burma and more. We also use our expertise to assist manufacturers around the world to produce their own Australian-Made bee health products.

It doesn’t end with bee products either! After establishing the brand as a bee health specialist, Natural Life™ has gone on to produce more natural wellness supplements including Evening Primrose Oil, Omega 3, Glucosamine, Squalene, Colostrum and more.

Natural Life™ remains a family-owned business with an excellent team of staff supported by a skilled group of contractors and suppliers. Our strength extends beyond product quality and staff integrity; it lies in a commitment to our products. By focussing on bee health and natural wellness, Natural Life™ has become a true specialist in this niche category of health products.

After 18 years producing premium quality Australian-Made bee health products, we’re sure you’ll agree we’ve earned our status as a bee health expert, or as we say - best in the bee health business!