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Natural Life™ 蜂花粉

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科学家将蜂花粉称为“营养最全面的食品”。 蜂花粉富含维生素(尤其是维生素E和B12),微量元素、5000多种酶和辅酶。它还含有27种矿物质包括钙、镁、锌和铁,22种氨基酸等。 蜂花粉是营养,力量和能量的绝佳日常补充。

Natural Life™ 蜂花粉的益处

- 不含化学物质和防腐剂
- 天然富含维生素,矿物质和蛋白质
- 协助免疫和消化健康
- 帮助补充能量,增加力量和耐力




每天服用2次 1/2-1茶匙。







Being the first Australian company to produce bee health products had both benefits and drawbacks.

Antony and his team worked tirelessly to produce superior quality products that met the exceptional standards of the TGA and complied with GMP regulations. As more people discovered the amazing health benefits of Propolis, Royal Jelly and Manuka Honey,

Natural Life™ grew and thrived. It was only a matter of time however, before competing products emerged, many with questionable quality and ingredients. This only served to sharpen our commitment to the highest standards and premium materials.

We continuously work with our manufacturers, suppliers and regulators to ensure Natural Life™ maintains the premium quality and potent activity that made our products the best in the first place. 

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