About Us

Our Story 

The Natural Life story begins almost 30 years ago with the chance discovery of a native beehive in a Sydney backyard. For Antony Adare, that give was a source of daily fascination. Eager to understand what the bees were up to, Antony established a hobby hive for himself. This became the inspiration for his brand, Natural Life™.

 Sweeter Than Honey 

 Harvesting raw honey to share with friends and family was a joy for Antony, but discovering the health benefits of less-known products was the real treat...

 The Power of Propolis

 Using Propolis to treat his children's cuts, abrasions and sore throats, Antony developed the first two products in the Natural Life family: Propolis Tincture and Propolis & Manuka Honey Spray. This natural healing antibacterial duo became the backbone of the Natural Life™ range. To this day, they remain among our most popular products.  


Growing Bigger... Getting Better

 With growing demand and an expanding range of products, sustainability became a priority for Natural Life™. Over time, Antony built wonderful working partnerships with a network of committed, ethical beekeepers across Australia. Their love and passion for bees and bee populations ensures Natural Life™ has a consistent supply of premium quality raw materials with genuinely sustainable beekeeping practices.

The First And The Best

 Being the first Australian company to product bee health products had both benefits and drawbacks. Antony and his team worked tirelessly to produce superior quality products that met the exceptional standards of the TGA and complied with GMP regulations. As more people discovered the amazing health benefits of Propolis, Royal Jelly and Manuka Honey, Natural Life™ grew and thrived. It was only a matter of time however, before competing products emerged, many with questionable quality and ingredients. This only served to sharpen our commitment to high standards and premium materials. We continuously work with our manufacturers, suppliers and regulators to ensure Natural Life™ maintains the premium quality and potent activity that made our products the best in the first place.  

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 Crossing Boundaries

 As our products gained popularity, demand grew in unexpected parts of the world. Navigating various export and regulatory issues, as well as language and cultural differences has been challenging, but exciting. As a small family-owned Australian business, this required Antony himself to spend lots of time away from home and family, setting up and growing the business. There have certainly been some sacrifices, but we’re proud to say Natural Life™ is now available in major cities from Japan to Korea, South East Asia and the Middle East. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

 Bee-ing An Expert

 Australian TGA regulations for natural health products are some of the toughest in the world. Regulations relating to raw material selection, bioactivity, production, claims and even promotions are higher than for medical grade foods and more rigorous than the US FDA. Complying with these regulations for so many products over so many years gives us a superior understanding of the process, a formula for excellence and road-map for making products that meet the TGA – and our own – exceptional standards.

 Creating a Buzz

 Making and sharing our amazing bee products remains our number 1 priority, but we get excited when others make the buzz about us too! We were pleased to be a Finalist in the NSW Asian Export Awards in 2018. We’ve worked with chefs and beauty bloggers and been featured in local and international news and health publications. We’ve even had the pleasure of being promoted by the lovely Du Ruo Xi in a campaign made to promote Natural Life™ to our wonderful Chinese audiences. 

 Natural Life Cycles

 Bees literally gave life to Natural Life™, and we’re committed to giving life back to them. Bee populations are under threat all over the world, and we want to be part of the solution. We proudly support Save the Bees, a community education and advocacy group for Australian native bees and European honeybees. Learn more about their bee saving activities at www.beethecure.com.au

After all these years, Antony remains obsessed with bees! He now has 5 hives in bushland near his Sydney home, and a custom built ‘clear’ hive in the Natural Life™ office, so our visitors can be as captivated by the bees as we are. We hope you are too!.  


 Antony Adare - Founder

 Antony is the CEO and founder of Lifetime Health Australia. Antony's interest in natural health led him to discover the benefits of bee products and the natural Life™ brand was born soon after. Under Antony's leadership, the business has grown to include more than 40 products sold in outlets throughout Australia and across the globe. Antony remains the primary point of contact for our valued clientele. His personable manner, genuine interest and willingness to support clients is reflected by the credibility and trust Lifetime Health enjoys within the market. Antony is continually growing the business, expanding the Natural Life™ range, developing new business and creating private label products to establish Lifetime Health as a specialist niche Australian health products.  

 Leanne Cochrane - Office Manager

 Leanne joined the team at Lifetime Health in April of 2016. Leanne is a former NSW Senior Constable of Police, with years of practical and administrative experience. A former Hotelier also, Leanne brings along fine tuned skills in office management, accounts and administration Leanne provides excellent service to our retail, export and global customers, assisting with sales, invoicing, purchase, production and general inquiries. 

 Seven Wang - Sales Manager

 Seven Wang is the Sales Manager of Lifetime Health Australia. Her role includes developing new business customers including pharmacies, health food stores, organic shops, duty free shops and gift stores; building and maintaining rapport with our distributors which includes visiting shops, suggesting shelf display, ensuring effective point of sale placement, introducing new products and promotions. Seven has many years' experience in the health industry and enjoys working with natural health products. She's a proud member of Lifetime Health. 

  Lizzy Li - Social Media Specialist

Social Media Specialist and Long Term Staff Member at Mr Vitamins Chatswood. By using social media like Instagram, Weibo (similar to Twitter) and particularly WeChat which remains the most popular social media app in China, we are able to present Natural Life’s industry and product information to retailers to share with consumers. Natural Life sells beautiful products to many overseas consumers, many of whom interact with Lizzy through numerous online channels. We use our WeChat account to share knowledge and stories with retailers and consumers by posting articles each week, building up more influential brand images and ensuring retails receive the best service.


Ashley - Content Creator

 Ashley's background in sales has set her up to contribute to the Natural Life™ family in many ways. Ashley primarily works along side Lizzy to create eye-catching marketing content which is targeted to our expanding overseas customer base. 


Miles Ryan - Marketing Coordinator

 Miles came on board with the Natural Life team in November 2019 - He's a recent UTS marketing graduate who's drive & enthusiasm was much needed to help fine-tune and promote the newly formed Wild Bee by Natural Life™ brand. Since then, Miles has helped build two new beautiful websites for Lifetime Health. His knowledge of the digital realm has proved extremely valuable in helping set Natural Life up for its next chapter of success.   

Adam Sargeant Natural Life

 Adam Sargeant - Warehouse Manager

 Adam is our newest staff member, joining the Natural Life team early 2020. He is responsible for managing the busy warehouse at Lifetime Health Australia. Adam works hard to maintain a clean and highly functional warehouse. He works closely with office staff, clients and contractors to co-ordinate the shipment of Natural Life™ and Wild Bee products to our extensive local retail network - as well as international stockists throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East. 


Mandy Adare - Warehouse Coordinator

 Mandy has been an integral member of Lifetime Health for 20 years. Mandy's has expert knowledge across all areas of the business, and is able to step-in and contribute to every area of Natural Life. Mandy's kind nature and sense of humour keeps the business ticking!