Feed your face! 5 Superfoods for clean, healthy, clear skin

Feed your face! 5 Superfoods for clean, healthy, clear skin

When it comes to the best natural skincare products, some people say if you wouldn’t eat it, you shouldn’t put it on your skin.

We couldn’t agree more!

That’s why at Wild Bee, we use the best locally sourced plant-based extracts with the most natural extraction processes to keep every ingredient as close to nature as possible.

The purity of our organic skincare ingredients translates to ultimate clarity and stunningly beautiful skin.

Purity is one reason our natural skincare products are the best you can find. The choice of natural and organic ingredients is the other.

We use a range of eco-friendly, locally sourced Australian superfoods to create the perfect recipe for delightfully clean, clear and naturally stunning skin.

Feed them to your body, smear them on your skin.

Here are 5 of our favourite beauty-boosting skin foods:

  1. ROSEHIP OIL – You won’t add this to a salad, but it does come from a fruit! Feed it to your face for high doses of natural Vitamins A and C.

Just like your body, your skin loves these nutrients because they protect against free radical damage, increase skin cell turnover and boost skin renewal.

At the same time, these nutrients build collagen, the most important protein for full, strong, elastic skin. This makes Rosehip Oil one of the healthiest foods for your face, fighting signs of aging, smoothing wrinkles and boosting your lovely natural vibrance. Eat it up!

  1. GRAPE SEED OIL – Just like the healthy flavonoids in a glass of red wine, there’s a bunch of healthy nutrients in grape seed oil too.

This is concentrated form of Vitamin E reduces inflammation, acts against acne and boosts skin elasticity. Specific nutrients in Grapeseed Oil called ‘procanthycanidins,’ feed and nourish, balancing uneven skin tone and reducing sun damage for positively blooming beauty. Cheers to that!

  1. KAKADU PLUM – The tastiest treat for all skin types, Kakadu Plum is a native Australian fruit that grows in the warm Northern regions of Australia. Kakadu Plum is one of the best ways to reduce facial wrinkles and get hydrated soft skin, naturally.

Unbeatable amounts of Vitamin C make Kakadu Plum one of the healthiest skinfoods you can find. It brightens skin tone, soothes fine lines and wrinkles and visibly makes skin dazzling and bright. Yum!

  1. FINGER LIME – Zesty, zingy and fresh. That’s exactly how finger lime makes your skin feel. Another unique Australian plant food, found in the Northern Rivers of NSW, this tasty morsel is extremely rich in skin-loving nutrients including Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Ferulic Acid.

Hydrating and calming, this nutrient dense superfood soothes inflamed skin, evens out sunspots, reduces blemishes and supports skin tone. Delicious, right?  Finger lime supports regeneration so skin always looks tantalisingly fresh.  

  1. MANUKA HONEY – Famously healthy for your body, Manuka Honey is healthy for your skin too. You might actually eat this one, and your skin will gobble it up!

Your face will love the deep hydration and natural protection from Manuka Honey. Anti-inflammatory action gets rid of redness, including angry red spots from acne and blemishes. In fact, with its wonderful pH balancing effect, Manuka Honey can prevent blemishes and acne all together.

Manuka Honey works continuously to renew skin’s surface, naturally clearing dead cells so your face stays clean, clear and looking divine!

We’ve known how good superfoods are for our bodies for years. Now you can feed your face the best superfoods and do the same for your skin!


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