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Bakuchiol & Hyaluronic Acid Serum - Rejuvenation

Naturally Enriched With Sandalwood, Kakadu Plum, Sunflower Oil, Rosella Oil, Aniseed Myrtle, Blue Cypress & Chamomilla

Product description

Wild Bee Newest Day Serum is a tender mix of anti-ageing elements for anytime use. The natural retinol of Bakuchiol and the hydrating properties of Hyaluronic Acid target fine lies, wrinkles, looseness, sun damage and pigment changes, rejuvenating the skin to its healthiest form.

Rosehip Oil Serum — Nourishment
Naturally Enriched With Sandalwood Oil, Sunflower Oil, Kangaroo Paw, Grageseed Oil, Wattleseed Extract, Finger Lime, Kakadu Plum & Australian Manuka Honey

Product description

Wild Bee Evening Clear Serum is a gentle blend of healing elements for the skin glow you’ve always wanted. Take the soothing hydration of rosehip oil, add selected oils and extracts that combat dryness, wrinkles and scars, and you get clearer, healthier and more elastic skin.


Eyebright Serum —Renewal

Naturally Enriched With
Yerba Mate, White Cypress, White Tea, Kakadu Plum & Aloe Vera

Product description

Wild Bee Gentle Eyes Serum is a pleasant marriage of soothing ingredients that awakens the face. Thanks to the invigorating properties of the eyebright plant, this serum is the perfect salve for the puffiness, dark circles and fine lines that often develop under and around the eyes.

CoQ10 & Collagen Serum —Vitality

Naturally Enriched With Kakadu Plum, Queen Garnet & Australian Manuka Honey

Product description

Wild Bee Youthful Bloom Serum by Natural Life is a loving fusion of vitamins and antioxidants that gives mature skin new life. CoQ10 and collagen restore the natural structure and sheen of young skin, while the powerful organics found in Kakadu Plum, Queen Garnet and Manuka Honey protect, strengthen and even out the complexion.