A beauty supplement that is more than skin deep!

A beauty supplement that is more than skin deep!

This natural oil is an ingredient in many anti-ageing cosmetics, but taking it as a supplement might be even better for your health and beauty. Find out why here…

During our 30s and 40s, improving skin quality and reducing lines and wrinkles becomes a priority. 

We buy creams, masks, serums, facials and peels to avoid premature ageing and many of these contain a naturally occurring substance that few people know about.

It’s called Squalene.

Squalene is a natural lipid found in large quantities in our skins surface.  It helps keep moisture in, and by doing so, keeps skin well hydrated more plump and smoother in appearance. 

Mothers will remember the creamy white cover protecting their childrens’ skin at birth: vernix.  Vernix is very high in squalene and protects the child’s skin in the womb. As we age, the natural squalene in our body reduces.

By our 40s, there is very little natural squalene left at the skin’s surface. It’s no surprise that this is when we start to develop lines and wrinkles!

So where does Squalene come from?

Squalene can be found in some plants, but is found in the largest quantities in shark liver. It’s sometimes even referred to as ‘shark liver oil.’

Squalene has been around for centuries, and was very popular among Japanese fishermen, who gave it the name “Tokubetsu no Miyage,” meaning ‘special gift.’

Indeed, Squalene is a special gift for your skin!

For ageing skin, using products that contain squalene is a good step toward re-introducing this natural hydrating barrier to your face. Taking it as a supplement may be even better...

Why a squalene supplement may be better than a cream?

Taken as a supplement, squalene oil will naturally disperse throughout the body, collecting as it does, near the skins surface.  Here, the squalene once again takes up the role of hydrating and maintaining skin’s moisture, just as it did when you were younger!  In addition, squalene supplements give your body a boost in free-radical scavenging antioxidants.

The antioxidants in Squalene have even more benefits for your skin!

Squalene is a known antioxidant, so it may also help prevent further damage to cells – including skin cells - to help slow the ageing process.  Even better, powerful antioxidants like squalene may be useful in reversing damage already done!

So there you have it - the answer to your skin and ageing concerns may not be found in a bottle on a shelf, but in a deep dark place in the ocean!

Natural Life Squalene capsules, a premium Squalene supplement that is 99.9% pure, and sourced from clean, unpolluted Australian waters.