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Lifetime Health Products is an Australian-owned health, supplement and skincare business born in Sydney's beachside suburb of Manly. Founded by Antony Adare in 1996 to bring you the most pure, natural ingredients found in nature. Lifetime Health produces the Natural Life™ brand of vitamins, supplements & Manuka Honey as well as the Wild Bee by Natural Life™ Skincare range. 


Natural Life™ is a brand built on quality. For almost 30 years, we have had the vision of enhancing the health and quality of life of all our customers. Natural Life™ products are processed and manufactured to the highest GMP standards in Australia and the world. Our goal is to enhance your health, your vitality, and to improve your general well-being. We are continually researching and developing natural health products & skincare, to offer an ever-expanding range of natural health solutions for people of all ages and needs. Natural Life™ is Australia's leading bee product brand - many of our products contain some of the most nutrient-packed ingredients found in nature; Propolis and Manuka Honey. Propolis is produced by bees and used to sterilise their hives and protect them from bacteria, viruses and fungi. Much like a coat of amour, propolis protects the hive from infection due to its potent antibiotic, antiviral and anti-fungal properties. Propolis has been rediscovered as a nutrient packed superfood, and for its amazing disease-fighting powers. 


Natural Life Family 

All Natural Life™ products are made in compliance with the Australian Code of Good Manufacturing and listed with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) a further guarantee of quality and integrity. The TGA is the same body responsible for Australian pharmaceutical and prescription medicines and is generally recognised as having the world's best practice framework for regulating complementary medicines. this means all products that ingredients listed on the label, guarantee they actually contain the ingredients listed on the label, ensuring the ingredients are safe, in the right quantities, and recommended at the right dosage. 


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Wild Bee by Natural Life™ was established at the start of 2020 as a skincare brand that goes far beyond healthy, natural skin. Our team wanted to take a stand for the most powerful pollinators on the planet.


Propolis, Royal Jelly, Manuka Honey and Beeswax are some of the most nutrient-rich, healing antioxidants found in nature. With these beautiful ingredients as a base, we set out to create a skincare range to showcase the raw, wild beauty of Australia.


Wild Bee is sustainable Australian skincare enriched with nourishing bee ingredients to care for your skin and sourced directly from local beekeepers


  • Propolis is sourced from Australian Native bees located in South Eastern Queensland
  • Our Manuka honey is sourced from a family bee keeping business located in the Byron Bay hinterlands
  • The Royal Jelly is produced just for us, from a dedicated beekeeper located in country Victoria


The other great thing is that 5% of sales goes directly to Save the Bees Australia who help support the Australian Beekeeping industry.



Natural Life™ is extremely proud to have our products distributed around the world. Our range can be found in countries as diverse as Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong.



Antony Adare - Founder


Antony is the CEO and founder of Lifetime Health Australia. Antony's interest in natural health led him to discover the benefits of bee products and the natural Life™ brand was born soon after. Under Antony's leadership, the business has grown to include more than 40 products sold in outlets throughout Australia and across the globe. Antony remains the primary point of contact for our valued clientele. His personable manner, genuine interest and willingness to support clients is reflected by the credibility and trust Lifetime Health enjoys within the market. Antony is continually growing the business, expanding the Natural Life™ range, developing new business and creating private label products to establish Lifetime Health as a specialist niche Australian health products.



Leanne Cochrane - Office Manager


Leanne joined the team at Lifetime Health in April of 2016. Leanne is a former NSW Senior Constable of Police, with years of practical and administrative experience. A former Hotelier also, Leanne brings along fine tuned skills in office management, accounts and administration Leanne provides excellent service to our retail, export and global customers, assisting with sales, invoicing, purchase, production and general inquiries.



Seven Wang - Sales Manager


Seven Wang is the Sales Manager of Lifetime Health Australia. Her role includes developing new business customers including pharmacies, health food stores, organic shops, duty free shops and gift stores; building and maintaining rapport with our distributors which includes visiting shops, suggesting shelf display, ensuring effective point of sale placement, introducing new products and promotions. Seven has many years' experience in the health industry and enjoys working with natural health products. She's a proud member of Lifetime Health.




Lizzy Li - Social Media Specialist


Social Media Specialist and Long Term Staff Member at Mr Vitamins Chatswood. By using social media like Instagram, Weibo (similar to Twitter) and particularly WeChat which remains the most popular social media app in China, we are able to present Natural Life’s industry and product information to retailers to share with consumers. Natural Life sells beautiful products to many overseas consumers, many of whom interact with Lizzy through numerous online channels. We use our WeChat account to share knowledge and stories with retailers and consumers by posting articles each week, building up more influential brand images and ensuring retails receive the best service.


Ashley Liu - Content Creator


Ashley's background in sales has set her up to contribute to the Natural Life™ family in many ways. Ashley primarily works along side Lizzy to create eye-catching marketing content which is targeted to our expanding overseas customer base. 


Miles Ryan - Marketing Coordinator


Miles came on board with the Natural Life team in November 2019 - He's a recent UTS marketing graduate who's drive & enthusiasm was much needed to help fine-tune and promote the newly formed Wild Bee by Natural Life™ brand. Since then, Miles has helped build two new beautiful websites for Lifetime Health. His knowledge of the digital realm has proved extremely valuable in helping set Natural Life up for its next chapter of success. 



Adam Sargeant Natural Life


Adam Sargeant - Warehouse Manager


Adam is our newest staff member, joining the Natural Life team early 2020. He is responsible for managing the busy warehouse at Lifetime Health Australia. Adam works hard to maintain a clean and highly functional warehouse. He works closely with office staff, clients and contractors to co-ordinate the shipment of Natural Life™ and Wild Bee products to our extensive local retail network - as well as international stockists throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East. 


Mandy Adare - Warehouse Coordinator


Mandy has been an integral member of Lifetime Health for 20 years. Mandy's has expert knowledge across all areas of the business, and is able to step-in and contribute to every area of Natural Life. Mandy's kind nature and sense of humour keeps the business ticking!