Popular natural Supplements for women

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With so many health supplements on the market, which ones should women choose?  Here’s a quick guide to some good natural supplements for women and what they’re useful for:

Vitamin C – Excellent for improving complexion and anti-ageing. Vitamin C is known to assist the health of the immune system and prevent common illnesses like colds, flus and sore throats. Vitamin C may also assist to reduce the effects of allergies, accelerate healing after surgery and can also help prevent or heal herpes simplex (cold sores).

B Complex Vitamins – The B Complex group offer women a huge range of health benefits and are particularly good when absorbed together from a single supplement or natural product like Bee Pollen or Royal Jelly. Some of the key benefits of the B group are the production and maintenance of energy and nervous system support to fight stress, increase energy and alleviate fatigue. B group vitamins also help metabolise fats and proteins, promote healthy skin and hair and may assist to increase circulation and improve blood pressure.

Vitamin E – Helps slow cellular ageing caused by toxins, natural ageing and free-radical damage. Vitamin E can also improve tiredness and fatigue and may be useful for preventing blood clots. It helps supply more oxygen to the blood to give you more endurance and stamina. Vitamin E is a super antioxidant and a popular addition to most beauty creams and serums that aim to enhance skin health and elasticity.

Each of these supplements have specific health benefits for women…

For example, Vitamin E & B complex vitamins are thought to be useful for reducing hot flushes during menopause and are recommended to manage PMS symptoms. Vitamin B6 is associated with reduced menstrual symptoms and Vitamin C, folic acid (Vitamin B9), B12 and B6 are all recommended for women taking the contraceptive pill whose natural levels of these essential nutrients may be compromised. Vitamin C is also recommended to assist women with varicose veins.

You might like to try these any one of these supplements alone or in combination. It’s worth noting that natural health supplements like Natural Life Australian Royal Jelly and Australian Bee Pollen rich sources of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, including B Complex vitamins, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. These products are a good start for women seeking a good mix of nutrients from a single product or supplement.