Healthy Kids – How you can help your kids get healthy!

Healthy Kids – How you can help your kids get healthy!

It can be tricky keeping your kids healthy but it doesn’t have to be.

Here are 5 ways you can improve your kids’ health – and they might not even notice!

A healthy lunchbox

Go for a lunchbox with lots of compartments, this way, you can add a variety of healthy snacks without becoming ‘boring.’ Try fresh yoghurt, berries or sliced fruits like apple or pear with a little lemon juice to prevent browning. Grate carrot or cheese, and pack tuna or eggs for protein. Experiment with wraps, sprouted breads or rice cakes instead of sandwiches and steer clear of packaged food as much as possible. Small amounts of a broader variety of foods are more likely to eaten.

Add water

Water is essential for hydrating and cleansing the body. Non-essential sugary drinks like flavoured milk, soft drink and packaged juice contain few nutrients and many calories. There’s mounting evidence to show how damaging sugar and in particular sugary drinks can be – particularly for children. Water is the best drink for healthy kids. Help your children make water their first choice and save sweet drinks as a treat. 


Smoothies are a great way to give kids a healthy dose of vitamins and nutrients. Use a natural yoghurt base and add a variety of fresh fruits. Bananas are an old favourite, while berries are a colourful way to add antioxidants and vitamins. Add superfoods like chia seeds, bee pollen, raw cacao and Manuka Honey for flavour and essential nutrients. Mix with milk or try dairy free options like rice, oat or coconut milk.


Healthy kids need exercise to grow strong. Most children are involved in some sport or activity, but even if they’re not, it’s vital they get used to daily activity. Engage in exercise with your children and encourage exercise for fun; walking the dog, bike riding, swimming at the beach. Encourage kids to be active around the home helping with washing, cleaning or gardening, and limit time in front of screens. These activities have benefits that more far reaching than health alone.

Role Model

The most important thing you can do for your kids’ health is set a good example. Healthy kids follow healthy adults. Children eat the foods you buy and prepare for them. Healthy kids will enjoy exercise if they see you enjoying exercise - more if they enjoy it with you!  Many of our unhealthy eating habits are simply that – habits. They are learned and can be easily reversed with a little effort – especially from mum and dad!

Educating your children about healthy lifestyle choices may help them avoid illnesses like obesity, heart disease and diabetes later in life. These 5 tips are a great way for parents to start making a difference to their kids’ health.