Modern women energy

Modern women energy

In early civilisations and in the not-so-distant past, women’s lives were far less demanding. Their roles focussed on home and family duties and in most civilisations, these roles were shared. The tasks of child rearing, food collection and food preparation were shared among all women in the tribe, village or community.  It was a far cry from the modern world.

These days, most women run their household, raise the children and go to work. They perform these duties with less support from family, friends and community, as everyone is busily looking after themselves. 

Of course, the modern woman does all this and holds true to the ideals that she must also remain slim, attractive and available to meet the emotional needs of her family and friends. 

No wonder women everywhere are stressed and exhausted!

The good news is there are lots of ways for women to reduce stress and increase energy. As a bonus, many of these assist other major concerns of the modern woman, including:

  • Losing weight or maintaining weight
  • Improving skin’s complexion
  • Improved general appearance – hair, eyes, nails
  • Greater health and wellbeing

These 4 energy boosters take no time at all:

  1. Get enough sleep – ideally, you need 7-8 hours each night to fully rest and recover your body and prepare for the day ahead.
  2. Drink plenty of water – 2 litres a day is a good guide. It helps all your organs function more efficiently so they require less energy to perform normal processes. Adding a natural cleanser like chlorophyll to your water is great idea.
  3. Eat Well – The more fruits and especially vegetables you can eat, the more energy-giving vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and nutrients you absorb.
  4. Reduce sugar and alcohol intake – These two things will radically improve your health, your skin, your weight and your mental clarity. You don’t have to eliminate them, but a reduced intake will make an immediate difference.

If you have time, add these to your day as well!

  1. Exercise – Take just half an hour each day for a walk, a jog, a swim, some yoga or any activity you like, and you’ll find yourself calmer, healthier less stressed and more balanced.
  2. Meditation – Half an hour daily is optimal, but if you can only spare 5 minutes to stop and breathe, do it anyway! Deep breathing meditation can relax your nervous system, reduce stress, relieve muscle tension and provide mental clarity.

These easy ideas will really help improve your health, your energy and your appearance with very little effort required!

Want to feel even more amazing?

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