5 Signs Your Immune System Needs a Boost

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Are you fighting sickness with everything you’ve got? Chances are, if you have any of the 5 symptoms listed below, the answer is a great big No! We often dismiss these symptoms as signs of stress, fatigue or being generally ‘run down’ but the truth is, if you’re demonstrating any of these symptoms, your immune system is just not working as it should and could really do with a boost. So what are the symptoms to look for?

1. You always seem to have flu or a cold.

    Cold weather, snotty kids and being amongst crowds don’t make us sick. Rather, if your immune system is not functioning to full capacity, you are less resistant to infection and may ‘pick them up’ more easily from such sources. On average, most adults become infected with a cold or flu once or twice a season. These infections tend to last about three days. Anymore than that, and there could be an immunity issue.

    2. You have frequent allergy attacks.

      True, allergic reactions do change with the seasons, however, more frequent and more extreme reactions are a sign of a suffering immune system. You should also consider boosting your immune health if your allergic reactions are triggered by more commonplace surroundings or elements that would not normally have cause a response. 

      3. You suffer cold sores and or fungal infections.

      Cold sores and fungal infections such as ring worm, candida/thrush, athletes foot and tinea are sure signs of a weakened immune system. When the immune system is severely weakened, fungal infections can actually enter the bloodstream and cause more dangerous systemic illnesses; this is often a problem for people whose immune systems have been compromised by disease and drug treatments.

      4. You are overweight.

      You know excess weight is very unhealthy for your heart, brain and other vital organs. Guess what? It’s also bad for the immune system. Excess kilos can reduce your ability to fight infection and cause hormonal imbalances that generally make it more difficult for your body to react normally to combat infection.

      5. You’re always stressed.

      Believe it or not, stress is not reserved for drama queens and workaholics. In fact, in modern society, we are all stressed to some degree at some stage. More often than not, high stress and anxiety reduces the response of the immune system. The American Psychological Association stated that long-term stress can actually make symptoms of the flu worse than average.

      In order to increase your immunity, it’s important to eat a healthy, balanced diet, full of fruits and vegetables and nuts, and to avoid unhealthy vices such as alcohol and cigarettes and drugs. Getting enough sleep and exercise also help, as does good hygiene, to reduce the number of germs and bacteria we’re exposed to. Despite this, we all sometimes need to boost our immunity and supplementation is often a good option. High antioxidant foods and products such as the Natural Life Propolis range can help. Propolis is a bee-derived product and may be beneficial for strengthening the bodies natural immune function. 

      Supporting your body’s natural immune response with a product like Propolis is a safe and natural way to give your system the boost it needs to resist a range of minor infections that can lead to more serious health conditions. Building immune strength this way also helps you to recover from sickness at a faster pace.

      Look for the five signs, and if needed, invest in a product like Propolis today to boost your immune health.