Sensational solutions for problem skin

Sensational solutions for problem skin

Do you or someone in your family suffer from problem skin? Psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and acne are common inflammatory conditions of the skin affecting adults, teens and children. If you or someone you know suffers from problem skin, you’ll understand the discomfort it creates. Dryness, itching and flaking create severe discomfort and irritability, while the inflamed, red or scaly appearance may cause social embarrassment and withdrawal.

Conventional treatment for problem skin is a topical steroid, but for many sufferers, continued use builds resistance. Many people try various treatments to no avail as the inflammation disappears and reappears with seemingly no pattern.

As with most conditions there are many natural options that might help improve your skin health!

On the outside

Aloe-vera – Straight from the plant, or purchased as a gel or cream, aloe vera is soothing and calming for inflammation. Often used to treat burns, aloe-vera is a rich source of nourishing hydration for healthy skin.

Coconut-Oil – Coconut oil is easily absorbed by the skin and contains fatty acids known to destroy candida and yeast; often the cause of skin irritations. Coconut oil is also slightly alkaline which helps bring natural balance to your skin pH levels.

Olive-oil – Another kitchen favourite that can be applied to your skin, olive oil is rich in antioxidants that help reduce the damaging effects of free radicals and promote skin health. The linoleic acid in olive oil helps retain moisture, preventing dryness for longer.

While hydrating is important, you must also avoid de-hydrating of your skin.

When choosing soaps, shampoos, detergents and washing powders, look for pH balanced products and avoid products that contain dyes, alcohol, sulfates and parabens.

On the inside

Probiotics – Probiotics can reduce candida growth and improve gut health. This increases immune health and may assist to prevent skin conditions associated with immune overload.

Water – Water is essential for every function of the body, and your skin – the body’s largest organ – is no different. Water purifies and detoxifies, maintaining quality of the blood, cells and organs. Water is as vital for hydrating your skin as much as any topical lotion you can apply.

Sugar – sugar promotes the growth of yeast and candida, so reducing your intake may reduce the growth of yeast-dependant bacteria that cause some skin irritations.

Anti-inflammatories - Steroid creams are recommended for skin conditions due to anti-inflammatory activity that helps reduce itching, redness and swelling. You may consider a natural anti-inflammatory like Omega 3 fish oil or Evening Primrose Oil for the same. In addition to easing symptoms, natural oils taken regularly may help prevent the outbreak of skin irritations too.

NATURAL LIFE RECOMMENDATION: Natural Life Squalene may be useful for problem skin. Squalene is an antioxidant rich, anti-inflammatory fish oil. Unlike other fish oils, Squalene also contains alkyglycerides; compounds that may support immune health which may assist to manage skin conditions caused by immune overload.