Why Choose Australian Honey

Why Choose Australian Honey

Why should you choose Australian Honey? There are many reasons why you should and probably many more reasons than you think. 

Australian Honey is Good For Your Health

Honey has many potential health benefits. But there are specific studies on Australian varieties of honey available. 

They suggest that Australian honey: 

  • Is anti-microbial
  • Is anti-bacterial
  • Contains several beneficial antioxidants
  • Could be used in wound care
  • Has a prebiotic effect, feeding good bacteria
  • Has a lower GI than many other honeys, reducing the impact on blood sugar levels

This makes honey an ideal natural sweetener to keep in your pantry and possibly in the first aid kit.

Australian Honey Is Good For The Environment

Bees do more for the environment than just make honey and buss around. Without bees to carry pollen around, we would lose a significant amount of the everyday foods we consume. 

Many fruits, vegetables and even nuts are reliant on bees for pollination.

Some people believe that honeybees, an introduced species, can actually push out native bees and cause environmental issues.

This might be true for wild honeybees, as they can grow to large numbers and spread quickly throughout an area.

However, there is no evidence to support this happening with kept bees.

By keeping honeybees, bee-keepers minimise the impact on the environment by rotating the location of the bees and controlling their numbers.

Australian Honey Supports Other Local Industries

There is more to being a bee-keeper than just harvesting honey. Many bee-keepers will work alongside other farmers to pollinate their crops and trees.

For example, beekeepers in Victoria will pollinate fruit trees in nearby Shepparton.

This helps the trees to produce higher-quality fruits, which boosts the income of the farmers and their seasonal workers.

These sorts of relationships exist across Australia, benefiting many different crops.

So if you're passionate about the supporting Aussie farmers, using Australian honey is one way to do just that.

Australian Honey is Held to Higher Standards

Many people might not know it, but Australia has some of the highest standards for food production in the world.

There's a reason why so much of what we produce is exported - because other countries want high-quality food!

Honey is no exception. There are strict rules that regulate the 

entire bee-keeping process. 

From how bees are managed to disease prevention, from minimising environmental impacts to selling their products, Australian bee-keepers have a code of practice they work by. 

This means that Australian honey is much safer to consume.

Australian Honey Tastes Better!

If you try a pure Australian honey of any variety, you will notice the unique flavours.

From the sweetness of the sugar gum to the dark molasses-like one-sided bottlebrush, each honey is different. 

Flavours will also vary from season to season, as the season will affect the plants that bees harvest from.

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